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Planning a shoot with Milanote

We were recently given the opportunity to test a new app. Milanote is a really cool visual board system – it can run in a browser app or on a tablet or phone.

Here is my view of how it worked and what we were able to do with it.

First of all access. This app is really easy to access, the sign up and login is super easy and it can be added to your phone in just a few minutes.

To be honest I only used it on the phone once but I did add the browser app and used that for all my editing.


First up you can create boards by dragging from the left menu


Once you have a board you can drag items into it – or choose to prepopulate with a template


Here is my shoot board we used for a recent shoot. We were able to plan the shoot, organise the team who all had access to Milanote with a simple email invitation and drag and drop images from my computer as sample reference shots.


I found Milanote a really easy visual system to use for planning and managing a shoot and will do so again!

And finally – here a re few images we shot from the shoot itself.

2020-08-17 Bella 1492020-08-17 Bella 1842020-08-17 Bella 2062020-08-17 Bella 233

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Meagan Fashion Shoots

We did quite a few fashion shoots with Meagan in 2018. Meagan is both an experienced fashion model and also a stylist so it was great to work with her expertise in these areas.

Here are some of the photos from several shoots. If you are a fashion blogger, stylist or a fashion model please get in touch if you want to produce portfolio work like this.

2018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 0732018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 0742018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 0842018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 1162018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 1062018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 1432018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 1582018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 3092018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 3502018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 2402018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0212018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0352018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0402018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0632018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0722018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0972018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 1072018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 1372018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 1122018-06-09 Stradbroke Cup 4762018-06-09 Stradbroke Cup 4712018-06-09 Stradbroke Cup 506

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David Bishop Fitness Shoot

David came to us to arrange a special moment in time. After working very hard for 10 years he was registered for two body building competitions at the age of 62. We shot him between the two competitions where he gained a first and second place respectively.

What an amazing achievement. And what a wonderful athlete. The shoot at his local Snap Fitness Gym was so much fun!

Here is what David had to say about the shoot.

Thank you Tim, it was a wonderful experience working with you. Nothing was a problem and you went out of the way to get the shots I was hoping for. Your professionalism and integrity was impeccable. You are enthusiastic about what you do and it shows. Thank you for all you have done.

And here are some of the shots. Book your fitness shoot with us today.

2018-05-18 David Bishop 0442018-05-18 David Bishop 0532018-05-18 David Bishop 0482018-05-18 David Bishop 0682018-05-18 David Bishop 0712018-05-18 David Bishop 0632018-05-18 David Bishop 1182018-05-18 David Bishop 0742018-05-18 David Bishop 0912018-05-18 David Bishop 1352018-05-18 David Bishop 0262018-05-18 David Bishop 122

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Mack and Amy Fitness Shoot

Shooting with Mack was quite inspiring. In his admitted off season for body building he still lifted some impressive weights. Amy showed up randomly on her bike and joined in when invited.

If you want a fitness shoot – you can either book it in – or just turn up randomly when we are shooting at a private gym!

2018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 0242018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 0392018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 0782018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 0952018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 1232018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 1352018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 1522018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 1732018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 2642018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 1942018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 2132018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 2552018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 2042018-03-25 Mack and Amy Fitness 222

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Face of Dreamcoat 2018

Our face of Dreamcoat model for 2018 was Alyssa Dunn. As part of the package she received for working with us she had multiple photoshoots including several all day shoots with multiple locations, outfits, as well as many of her cosplays.

Here is a wide sample of the shoots.

2018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 032 colour gradient2018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0392018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0402018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0562018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0742018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0952018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 1112018-03-26 Alyssa Cosplay 0902018-03-26 Alyssa Cosplay 1102018-03-26 Alyssa Cosplay 0762018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 0022018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 1012018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 0492018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 1782018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 1712018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 2332018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 0672018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 1042018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 2912018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 1322018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 1542018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 0912018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 1172018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 2142018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 2222018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 0962018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 1052018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 0752018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 1662018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 107Alyssa - Buffy Coverpage

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Breast Cancer Body Paint Shoot

Breast cancer is a terrible thing. And it affects women and men.

Michelle had shot with us many years ago and in the mean time had suffered from breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Her personal journey did not include implants and breast reconstruction surgery. In fact she wanted to highlight that to other women that they would not feel pressure to have reconstructive surgery but make it a choice. After she came to us for some shot ideas i suggested a body paint shoot and including my friend Russell who had also had breast cancer and a single mastectomy.

The date was set, and we had two amazing body painters into the studio for a dual paint and shoot. The theme was geometric shapes with a softer look for Michelle and a more angular look for Russell. Charmaine and Bonita did an amazing job. It was a hilarious process for all in the studio with the two models comparing their scars with each other.

Here is a sample of the shots we put together for them individually and together.

2017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0032017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0162017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0142017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0572017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0242017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0392017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 1682017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 1842017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 1892017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 1922017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2022017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2062017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2102017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2112017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2162017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2512017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2542017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 226

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Social Media Portfolio for Kim

We worked with tattooed model and Instagram influencer Kim on two separate occasions to create a portfolio of images for her social media. If you want a portfolio like this we would recommend the platinum glamour package.


2017-09-18 Kim 0122017-09-18 Kim 0932017-09-18 Kim 104v22017-09-18 Kim 0492017-09-18 Kim 1262017-09-18 Kim 1202017-09-18 Kim 1062017-09-18 Kim 139v22017-09-18 Kim 1422017-09-18 Kim 1692017-08-20 Kim 0212017-08-20 Kim 0242017-08-20 Kim 0282017-08-20 Kim 0372017-08-20 Kim 0502017-08-20 Kim 039 v22017-08-20 Kim 116v22017-08-20 Kim 157v22017-08-20 Kim 0882017-08-20 Kim 2032017-08-20 Kim 209V22017-08-20 Kim 215

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