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Jack and Allyce Wedding

Ally has been a friend for many years – I met her when I first started shooting – she came on the very first group photoshoot I organised. Her family are photographers as well and we have done numerous shoots, promotional work and other activities together over the years. When she got engaged to Jack and decided to get married I was the natural choice for her as all her family was going to be in the ceremony! We had an absolute ball at the gorgeous garden wedding with the zany wedding crew and family. Our wedding shoots are all priced individually, but we do have some starting points listed for you to consider.

Here are some shots from the wedding.

2018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180919412018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180910182018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180911012018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180910832018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180913152018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180913292018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180914462018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180913492018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180914432018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180914052018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180914792018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180915792018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180915812018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180917242018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180917322018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180917782018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 18091806 colourised2018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180917902018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180917942018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180918192018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180918262018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180918292018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180918392018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180918892018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 180919022018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 18091906 colourised2018-09-01 Jack and Allyce Wedding 18091919

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Matt and Justine Wedding

What defines normal? And for that matter weird? We celebrate all people and their individuality. Matt and Justine are proud of who they are, and that includes a lot of body modifications and piercings. We were pleased to shoot their recent wedding and it was a barrel of laughs.

If you are interested in our wedding prices – then get in touch. We customise everything for every wedding and give you a price that suits your needs and budgets. No “one size fits all” here! Individuality is key!

2018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 10042018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 11372018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 12482018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 10482018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 12902018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 1019 bw2018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 12342018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 13022018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 13062018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 13502018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 13472018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 13442018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 13672018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 14372018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 14562018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 15272018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 14702018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 14732018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 15602018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 17362018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 16962018-08-11 Matt & Juzzy Wedding 1628

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Josh and Jadeens Wedding

The versatility of our team was surely displayed in my daughters wedding. We had video, drone and still photography combined to produce some awesome memories. I even get to be in the photos!

Book your customised wedding shoot with us today.

2017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170801952017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170802172017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170802392017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170801482017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170801622017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170803062017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170803352017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170803622017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170803782017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170804142017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170804202017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170803942017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170804282017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170804832017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170806922017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170807002017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170807732017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170807762017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170809762017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170809592017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170810072017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170810432017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170811002017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 20170812792017-08-26 Josh Jadeen Wedding 2017081376

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Ben and Joanne Wedding

Weddings are such personal events. No two weddings are ever the same and why we find it really difficult to offer a “standard” price. Ben and Jo’s wedding came with some special differences. As they already had kids, they were included in the ceremony, there was a truck and a beach and cowboy hats!

Here are some of the pics. We had a lot of fun shooting this one.

2017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 1142017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 1272017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 1912017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 1442017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 1952017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 4862017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 2772017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 3702017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 3882017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 381 print2017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 373v22017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 4082017-03-18 Ben and Joanne Wedding 414

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Shannon and James Wedding

Long time customers and friends Linda and Eddie came to us when their daughter Shannon got married to James. We had previously shot their formal and engagement photos.

Here are some of the wedding photos.

Shannon and James Wedding 044Shannon and James Wedding 015Shannon and James Wedding 011Shannon and James Wedding 051Shannon and James Wedding 105Shannon and James Wedding 146Shannon and James Wedding 397Shannon and James Wedding 475Shannon and James Wedding 524Shannon and James Wedding 590Shannon and James Wedding 588Shannon and James Wedding 625Shannon and James Wedding 729

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Josh and Jadeen Engagement

Its always special photographing newly engaged couples – but even more sweet when its your daughter. Jadeen also has worked for Dreamcoat Photography for several years now.

Here are some of the pics. Feel free to contact us to book an engagement photo shoot or just to talk about what we could do for you with an engagement and wedding package.

2016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0092016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0192016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0392016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0252016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0442016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0622016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0672016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0692016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 078

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Tony and Leonies Secret Wedding

A secret wedding? Yes this was such a secret that the videographer and myself as photographer were the witnesses. the only people present were the bride and groom, the celebrant, myself and videographer Patty Beecham and the Tony’s son Josh. Oh and two horses and two dogs!

Tony and Leonie wanted to tie the knot their own special way with no one else involved. The day was beautiful and their property hidden away in a little side valley at Clear Mountain is remote and gorgeous. The horses behaved, the dogs were relaxed and Josh (suffering from a skateboard accident and in a wheelchair with a damaged leg) was a real trooper.

We had a blast shooting this wedding for Tony and Leonie. Hope you enjoy the pics.


2014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0292014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0562014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0702014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0782014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1152014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 019v22014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1192014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1202014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1452014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1482014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1862014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1322014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1972014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2002014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2502014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2102014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2222014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 371

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