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Live Music – Jalapeno Business at the Zoo

We shot the debut performance for band Jalapeno Business at the Zoo Nightclub and created some great shots for their social media and advertising. If your band is looking for media for album covers and artwork, live music shots and social media images contact us for a great deal.

2017-12-19 The Zoo 1992017-12-19 The Zoo 2202017-12-19 The Zoo 2422017-12-19 The Zoo 1702017-12-19 The Zoo 2632017-12-19 The Zoo 2972017-12-19 The Zoo 3222017-12-19 The Zoo 332

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Blarney Stone Band Shoot

Local Celtic folk rock band Blarney Stone contracted us to shoot an advertorial suite for media, Facebook and band gig advertising recently. It was a lot of fun working with the guys and listening to their music while we worked was an added bonus! Check them out on Facebook and see if you can get to a gig one day!

Here are the pics.

2016-01-02 Blarney Stones 0712016-01-02 Blarney Stones 0092016-01-02 Blarney Stones 0242016-01-02 Blarney Stones 0352016-01-02 Blarney Stones 0302016-01-02 Blarney Stones 0612016-01-02 Blarney Stones 026

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Snakes and Harps

Local musician Eugene Harpsnake plays the harp, guitar and foot drums – he also keeps snakes! We have shot his snakes before and so jumped at the chance to shoot them again when he needed some photos for promotional material. We also were able to include Trudii who wanted to overcome a fear of snakes and get some nice glamour images with the snakes. We also managed to get Eugene’s wife and little baby into a nice family photo and Trudii’s daughter and friend also held snakes for the first time.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot.

2015-07-03 Eugene Harpsnake 0102015-07-03 Eugene Harpsnake 0202015-07-03 Eugene Harpsnake 0472015-07-03 Eugene Harpsnake 0672015-07-03 Trudii Wood 2012015-07-03 Trudii Wood 2182015-07-03 Trudii Wood 2812015-07-03 Trudii Wood 299

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Live Music Regale

We love live music and shooting bands live on stage is tough but rewarding. Its always a challenge using the ambient lighting inside a club to capture the mood and energy of the event. Regale was a collection of progressive rock and metal bands along with some talented dancers and performers.

We got a large selection of images and they are on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a small selection of the images from the event.


2015-06-13 Regale 20992015-06-13 Regale 20962015-06-13 Regale 13042015-06-13 Regale 26172015-06-13 Regale 24052015-06-13 Regale 12492015-06-13 Regale 21062015-06-13 Regale 2482

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Gecko Echo Artists Night at the Jazzcat

The Jazzcat Restaurant is a modern Asian fusion restaurant that supports live jazz artists and musicians in the trendy Brisbane suburb of Paddington.

The Gecko Echo artists night was a night for local underground musicians and poets to get together and present. In a bohemian style evening we experienced the wide range of musical styles and pseudo-intellectual discussions that inhabited the space. An art installation comprising some 14 old style slide projectors behind some Japanese style folding screens created a great backdrop as well.

The food is fantastic and the best beer in china is server here also.

The night was raw and grainy, and the images are too – we wanted to express the nature of the night.

2013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0032013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0112013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0622013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0662013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0682013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 5932013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 1022013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0432013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 1292013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 6452013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 6502013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 2582013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 2972013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3392013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3152013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3502013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3642013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3822013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 4322013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 475

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Live To Shine Festival 2010

The Dreamcoat crew went to the festival!

The Live to Shine festival was put together by a bunch of people but organised by our friend Jana from Autumn Sun. she asked us to come and shoot and shoot we did. There are over 1500 photos in the various sub galleries from the event.

Check out the bands, the clowns and other artists.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the night.


2010-11-06 Fort 4692010-11-06 Fort 12362010-11-06 Fort 12802010-11-06 Fort 13022010-11-06 Fort 1632010-11-06 Fort 2682010-11-06 Fort 7482010-11-06 Fort 2092010-11-06 Fort 6492010-11-06 Fort 4452010-11-06 Fort 136

You can purchase photos direct from this website. Choose the photos you want and then make an online payment.

Prices are:

1 photo $10

2 photos $18

3 photos $25

4-10 photos $30

Over 10 photos $3 each.

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Band Photography Prices

For a Music Band shoot we would normally recommend two hours on location or in the studio. If a combination is required then we would increase the time and price accordingly. In addition there are a number of hours of post editing work to do.

In addition we are prepared to come to live performances and shoot. To do this you must have permissions for us to take photos at the event, must have permission for us to have remote controlled flash equipment on stage and to be able to give us backstage and stage access passes if necessary. Please check with the gig and or venue management that we are able to do this for you before engaging us. We will still charge you for the location fee even if we are unable to take any pictures.

For each location we charge $150 for up to the first 2 hours and $70 per hour after that. The price covers the shoot time for all our staff, travel to location (up to 50km), but not post editing. Editing is charged at $70 per hour

Makeup and hair is additional and is at $150 for makeup per person and $90 for hair.

Studio shoots time is priced at $150 per hour. We also charge you for studio or venue hire if applicable. We also have a portable white or black seamless paper for single single person portraits.

You can expect to receive at least twenty good quality photos suitable for portfolios or album covers, artwork and promotional work. These will be supplied as digital files that will be full size images – usually 5-15MB in size. Photos will contain a small watermark in the corner. Our commercial pricing allows for an unrestricted licence to non watermarked photos, re-edit the photos and create derivatives. Contact us for details as we will generally provide images this way for bands who need to make covers, posters and other artwork incorporating our images.

Printing prices vary depending on what size and quality as well as what medium, eg. Glossy, Canvas etc. Contact us for pricing.


2015-06-13 Regale 13042015-06-13 Regale 21062016-01-02 Blarney Stones 0262015-06-13 Regale 1249

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